Zombie Nation
Oct 29th to April 10
Extended due to popular demand
No caption.

Watch out zombies are infesting Baltimore and they've taken over a room at the Geppi's Entertainment Museum. Watch your brains as you come face to face with undead versions of your favorite characters as channeled by artist DeviN Hannon. Take note, all zombies who come to the museum in full on zombie garb will get a deadly discount.


Devin Hannon

Born in 1978, Devin Hannon is an original multimedia artist. He creates paintings and sculptures based on his combined interests in graffiti, horror, and the obscene. He began his journey through the world of art at a young age and streamlined his talents to become a tattoo artist at age 19. From 2000-2004 Devin lived in New York City, and worked with and trained under renowned graffiti artist SEEN. After leaving the Bronx, Devin made a short stay in San Francisco, CA, before returning home to Maryland. Devin has exhibited work at Toy Tokyo in NYC, the Stip Gallery in Amsterdam, the Jinxed Gallery in Philadelphia. His work has been featured in issues of 3rd Floor Productions and Animal NYC. He has designed logos and t-shirts for numerous companies, most recently for Power Cell Technology. Devin continues to explore innovative ways to express his art.

To check out more of Devin Hannon's artwork on his website click here.