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Since it was introduced to movie audiences on May 25, 1977, Star Wars has defined and redefined the impact of pop culture, box office record tracking, and the power of fandom. In May 2017, Star Wars reached yet another milestone when George Lucas’ beloved space opera turned 40.

Its popularity may have settled a few times over the course of 40 years and fans will always hotly debate the merit and the misery of the prequel trilogy, but the Force is always strong in fan love for the series. Other fandoms have sustained a long history, yet never hit the intensity of Star Wars or have burned hot for a short period before fizzling out like yesterday’s news.

With third and fourth generations of people discovering the series, today, Star Wars may be the most popular it has ever been. Always centered on the love of the original trilogy, the universe expanded into cartoons, TV specials, comic books, novels, assorted games, and a wave of new films that eat box office records for breakfast. Inspiration from the series has produced a wide variety of toys, collectibles, and figures for all the fans who can’t get enough of the galaxy far, far away. The series has truly reached a mythic plateau among fans and collectors.

And now, for those fans who want to gobble up those collectibles like a hungry Sarlacc, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles is presenting the Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton. The inaugural portion of this extensive collection of graded action figures and related toys will be offered in Hake’s November 2017 auction and beyond. Hake’s will close their 50th year in pop culture and Americana auctions by selling the first round of memorabilia from this collection, beginning with about 60 AFA-graded items that any Star Wars collector would love to own.


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Michael Solof
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